We can’t deny AI’s power at this point. We are seeing the impact of AI in practically every industry. According to Statista, almost all industries employ AI in 20% of their service operations, strategy, and corporate finance. In addition, 77% of businesses are adopting or investigating AI. High-tech and telecommunications, healthcare, and financial services are among the primary sectors embracing AI.

Adapting to new technology and innovation is instrumental for all software development companies. TuringDevs, a software development firm founded on innovation and creativity, employs AI wherever necessary throughout the software development lifecycle.

This article will demonstrate how artificial intelligence can be applied in different software development processes.

AI for software Development
AI for Software Development

1.    AI Code generation

Software developers at TuringDevs use AI to generate code automatically. With the help of code-generating tools like eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT) templates, UML-based tools, and Razor Generator, we can avoid repetitive tasks such as creating user interfaces, data models, writing code for simple CRUD operations and boilerplate. This technique allows us to save time and focus on more complex tasks.

2.    AI Bug detection

It is a tricky and time-consuming task to identify bugs or fix bugs manually. However, AI has introduced several tools that can quickly help detect bugs that are difficult to find manually, bugs that are not easily reproducible, and bugs that cannot be fixed or identified easily. At TuringDevs, our developers use DeepCode and CodeGuru to help them find and fix bugs.

3.    Project management

Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered project management software can identify patterns, analyze historical data for insight, and learn from previous projects. At TuringDevs, our project management team integrated Project Insights with Jira software to concentrate all tasks and projects into a simple web platform. It is a fantastic project management tool that aids in project planning, resource allocation, deadline setting, scheduling, tracking, and reporting.

AI in Project Management
AI in Project Management

4.    AI in quality assurance testing

Quality assurance testing involves tedious tasks that take time and sometimes need to be solved by exploiting a powerful AI tool. Artificial Intelligence analyzes customer data and identifies areas to increase the customer experience. For example, we can use image recognition to identify product defects by analyzing product images. Fortunately, we use several technologies to produce high-quality, error-free software that meets our valued customer’s requirements.

5.    Personalization

We can utilize AI to customize content depending on individual consumer preferences and feedback. This strategy improves engagement and customer targeting. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an area of artificial intelligence that enables developers to create software that interacts with consumers more naturally. As a result, Artificial Intelligence can be used to develop software that caters to the user’s tastes and provides a more user-friendly interface. Our team of professional developers uses NLP to make personalized software by performing sentiment analysis.

6.    Better and quick decision making

Product owners can waste a lot of time arguing whether features or products performed effectively in the past and never reach a conclusive conclusion. However, a trained AI can assist humans in making a speedy decision based on the software’s past failures and successes. It can help streamline the decision-making process by automating routine tasks, analyzing data, and providing insights to developers and project managers.

AI in Better Decision Making
AI in Better Decision Making

7.    Accurate estimations

Estimation is an essential part of software development. Without accurate estimation, the project can take longer than expected. Inaccurate estimation can lead to delays in the project and can also lead to budget overruns. As a result, we want AI tools to estimate projects more correctly to minimize project failure because traditional estimations are never accurate. At TuringDevs, we use Artificial intelligence tools to estimate user stories.


AI has transformed the way we create software. It enables us to examine massive amounts of data, detect patterns, and make previously unattainable predictions. Using AI’s power, we can design better software that is more dependable, efficient, and suited to our users’ demands. While limitations and obstacles remain, the promise of AI in software development is immense and exciting. As we continue to explore and refine this technology, we may anticipate a future in which software is more intelligent, intuitive, and accessible than ever before.

If you want an innovative and highly qualified team to handle your software project, TuringDevs LLC will happily help you build your perfect software.

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